Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep Portland Weird!

While working on my latest book -- Murder and Mayhem in Portland, Oregon due out from the History Press on April 16, 2013 -- I realized that my city has some very odd stories in its history. Keep Portland Weird! is one of my favorite slogans (and my vote for official city motto) so I thought it might be fun to put it in a historical context. This blog is dedicated to Portland's weird history. In the upcoming months I will start sharing some of the odd history of my favorite city. Keep coming back, because I will be done with the book in a few weeks and then I will tell you about...

The Horse-Bicycle Races of 1899
The Incredible Suicide Machine (1926)
The Strange Death of Sally Brown (1948)
The Weird Tale of Ah Gum (1892)
The Roadtrip From Hell (1907)

And many more.

I hope you will join me as I share my passion for Portland's Weird History. I might occasionally have a guest blogger too...