Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Austin, TX v. Portland, OR

            Some weird new friends from Austin, TX have thrown down the gantlet; challenging Portland for the crown of weirdness.  Now I haven’t been to Austin in quite a while, but I must say that I’ve never had a bad time in Austin, TX. The beer is good, although it’s Texas Style. They know how to make music and the food is pretty good. I even like their movies – Slackers (1991) is my favorite. They invented the slogan "Keep Austin Weird," but hey, we stole it fair and square. And they are in Texas; which is pretty weird…but to challenge the queen city of weirdness, Portland, OR for the title.  Come on you silly Texans.

            Well the results are in…from our new friends at  I think they are from Austin so the results speak for themselves.
Portland vs. Austin weird

Like I said, the results speak for themselves. Better luck next time, Texas, although they certainly have their good points and a vacation in Austin, TX sounds pretty good right now…before it gets too hot.  Who’s next? Missoula, MT?